The legacy of Honduras Pitch Pine lumber endures in some of the most famous homes and landmarks of the world. It's durability and versatility have practically made it a legend.  Our supreme grades of Honduras Pitch Pine offer high quality, endurance and subtle beauty.  Honduras Pitch Pine possesses many of the characteristics of oak and other hardwoods, yet offers a far greater value with natural resistance to termites and decay.  While pitch pine, pinos de Honduras, excels as pine flooring , it is known world-wide for applications in furniture, molding, cabinets, flooring, millwork, doors, and windows.

We are a Pitch Pine lumber distributor and wholesaler, serving as a resource for suppliers around the globe.  For almost 25 years, Wood Products International has been leading the way in modern, eco friendly lumber and farming techniques, marrying contemporary, responsible wood products to traditional designs and styles.   Call or email us so we can fill your customer requests.

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