Why Choose Honduras Pitch Pine?

Cost of Honduras Pitch Pine


• Offers substantial savings over more expensive woods and varieties that are becoming increasingly scarce. Get the same look for much less cost

• Milled to exact tolerances for fast and easy use. Less waste overall and the job is finished sooner

• Cuts heating costs. Contributes to the efficiency of your heating system because wood is an excellent retainer of heat


• Boasts the strength and durability of Red Oak because of its heavy heart concentration and tight grain structure

• Stands the test of time and is generally four times stronger than any hardwood its age

• 29 percent more stable than Oak according to the NWFA

• Resists wood rot, termites, and other insect attack

• Wears well. Provides long term savings because it never wears out unlike carpet or laminates


• Uses are endless including general light and heavy construction, carpentry, flooring, joinery, poles, boat building, vats, ceilings, wainscoting, moulding and trimwork, cabinets, paneling and stair parts

• Stains well with a number of finishes. Lacquer, oil, paste, stain or color can emphasize the wood’s natural texture and character

• Works easily with hand or machine tools. Takes nails and screws well


• Lower initial investment for project materials. Compared to other materials like steel, concrete and synthetics, natural wood offers the value of strength and durability with a lower overall cost

• Considered a smart investment. Wood flooring increases the value of any home, office or surrounding

• Provides long term savings because it never wears out unlike carpet or laminates

• Wood flooring is easy to maintain


• Natural wood offers a beauty than can’t be replicated. No two pieces are alike

• Accents and defines any space, whether it’s residential or commercial, modern or rustic

• Improves with time. Colors ranging from yellows to vibrant reds and coppers deepen and intensify with age


• Chosen as the primary wood for restoring historic homes and national landmarks of America and Europe in addition to building offices, stores, restaurants, and museums

• Defines any surrounding whether reclaiming the past with that antique look or remembering the present with the modern styles of today


• Renews itself and also can be reused, unlike many other materials

• Harvested from sustainable growth forests which results in minimal environmental impact

• All of our wood is collected from non-endangered species

• Year-round availability unlike other woods which can be limited in supply

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