History of Hondorus Pitch Pine

Known for their diversity of life and abundant natural resources, the lush forests of Central America have provided the world with building materials for centuries. From this region comes our hand-selected Honduras Pitch Pine. Our own grades of Honduras Pitch Pine are from a non-endagered species unlike other woods that are in short global supply and much more costly.

Honduras Pitch Pine is a dense wood with a heavy heart concentration, tight grain and a strength that rivals oak. It excels as flooring but is equally well-suited for such applications as furniture, moulding, cabinets, millwork, doors, and windows. Its natural beauty becomes evident with time, providing a palette of rich, vibrant colors that deepen and intensify with age. Heart Pine was used to build homes all over colonial and 19th century America and Europe, many of which still stand today.

Our Honduras Pitch Pine comes in various grades and is available in all sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs. From rough timbers to dimensional lumber, finished moulding and millwork, even the most discriminating homebuilder or building professional will find Honduras Pitch Pine to be a gorgeous, durable and quality wood that exceeds expectations.